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Get Set Go Flashcards: Animals

Get Set Go Flashcards: Animals

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Get Set Go Flashcards: Animals is a brilliant set of early learning flashcards designed to engage toddlers as they start to learn about their favourite animals.

  • 27 double-sided colour cards

  • Instruction card provides plenty of tips for ways to use the flashcards

  • Promotes learning through play

Young children will love learning about new animals with this must-have Get Set Go Flashcards Set. Every card features a different animal – on one side there is a close-up image of an animal and on the other side you'll find the name of that animal and a brief description. For example, for lion, there is a photo of a lion alongside the description "lions live together in groups called prides".

Each pack comes complete with a double-sided instruction card with ideas on how to use the cards in multiple ways. In this set, one idea given is to "Group the animals into different categories, for example, colour or number of legs" – a learning extension to basic animal recognition. On the other side of the instruction card you'll find photos of the animals included in the pack, all in one place.

The cards have been designed specially for small hands to hold with ease, making them perfect for use at home and while travelling. Each double-sided card is illustrated with bright photos, and includes fun, simple sentences to help children master key vocabulary while having fun. Created using a sturdy material that has been made to last means the cards can be used over and over again!

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